Start anew

So I have moved to a new city to go to teacher’s college, and it is quite good so far! The apartment I’m living in with my friend is awesome, I’m almost done decorating my room how I want, and the city and campus are BEAUTIFUL. 

The guy that I was dating this summer randomly texted me last week asking how the move was and saying he was “sorry for being so MIA for the last little bit, but I told you I was bad at keeping in touch haha.” I wasn’t really impressed. Thanks for letting me know once again that you aren’t good at keeping in touch. Got that memo loud and clear when you said we shouldn’t date any more because of the distance. But anyways, I responded very shortly and he asked me another question and I responded with about three words and he never replied. So here’s to hoping he never texts me again, because honestly it’s just annoying. 

So now, new city, new life, new people to meet, new boys to fill my thoughts and make me go slightly crazy from all of the over analyzing.

I know that it seems like all I ever write about is boys. But they are on my mind a lot. Like a lot a lot. I swear sometimes I am still a teenage girl who is boy crazy, but I am actually 22 so that’s fun. So boy situation in new city…

Anyways, there is a boy going to the same new school as me this year that I have known since I was 16 and have had a massive on and off crush on. And I was getting really excited that we would be going to the same school after not seeing each other for about 3 years because heyyyy he is cute. but GUESS WHAT. He went to camp this summer and got a camp girlfriend. Hrmph. And I know I shouldn’t be upset because really there’s nothing to do about it, but it’s just unfortunate. But she lives like really far away, so……maybe they will break up. Ha. That makes me sound horrible. I think I am trying to tell myself that whatever is meant to be will happen, so if he has a girlfriend right now then c’est la vie. 

But, there is also this new cute boy that I have started hanging out with every once in a while. he is friends with my roommate so he comes over sometimes and we all order food or play board games or something. He is super funny and smart and is sort of a music snob like me which I like :) So, I don’t know. Always fun to have prospects. 

So yeah. New city is proving to be a good time. It’s pretty fun living with my best friend, and I have some other really good friends that are here for teacher’s college and other programs as well. And today I met a few people in my program and they seem nice. 

Off to bed now because I have orientation day tomorrow which is exciting. 

Nanite Tumbles.